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The mission of Willing Hands, a 501(c) 3, is to build community and raise funds for agencies in Lee County, NC who work with at-risk families in Lee County. This has been done through special projects or events.

Since its inception in 2003, Willing Hands had developed three main projects.

Common Thread

Common Thread is an all-volunteer weaving studio. Weavers use recycled materials that are woven into purses, rugs, placemats, etc. It is self-supporting but comes under the umbrella of Willing Hands. The weavers decide which agencies to contribute. Their only guidelines are to help at-risk families in Lee County.

Holiday Sox

Holiday Sox, a luncheon for women to come together for a fun, festive event and to hear from a survivor of domestic or sexual violence. All proceeds benefitted HAVEN in Lee County. HAVEN is a shelter and resource center for battered women and their families.

No Scare Fair

No Scare Fair is an amazing event started in 2002. Always held the Saturday before Halloween, it is a non-scary trick or treat affaire for children ages 2-10 and their families. There are as many as 2,000 children and their families that take advantage of this fun day every year.

Both Holiday Sox and No Scare Fair have raised over $300,000 for at-risk families in Lee County. These events have now been turned over to HAVEN as their main fundraisers for the year.

The Willing Hands board knows how hard it is for non-profits, whose missions may be protecting families, sheltering families, feeding people, etc. but they are still required to figure out fundraisers. HAVEN now has two major fundraisers that have been create and given to this important non-profit.

Our current and certainly most thrilling is the production of a one-act play called The Cost of Living.

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